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  • Declared as a fit Institution under the Juvenile Justice Act 2000 and established a transit shelter for children in crisis and needing transit care. Many children were placed back into their own families after the crisis period or into alternate families through fostercare or adoption (through recognised agencies)
  • Working in Juvenile Homes (2000-2008)
  • Improving living conditions of children. We brought in funds from all over the world to the tune of over several lakhs to improve infrastructural, vocational and educational facilities besides staff support in Juvenile Homes.
  • Contacting their families in order to restore and rehabilitate them and enabling poor families to reach out and bring back their children in various homes in Tamilnadu.
  • Improving educational access to children in these homes through resource persons and institutions with our financial and implementation support.
  • Rehabilitating children through foster care and adoption when and where possible, applying for the destitute certificate if there were no claimants for the children for several months or years.
  • Working in Education system (2003 onwards)
  • Improving Education in preprimary and primary levels for children in Government and some private schools as a major step towards prevention of juvenile delinquency, providing education support programs for students and teachers.
  • Providing education support in the form of resource centres and coaching resources for underserved children.
  • Infrastructure support like classrooms, libraries, kitchen, etc. for schools in remote villages
  • Conceived and ran programmes for School Leadership, Sports for School Teachers, Teaching Fellowship Programme
  • Managed two big schools and 5 medium sized schools for a Corporate Foundation.
  • Check our History - Timeline page to know our entry and journey into Education from the Juvenile Justice System. Each year of work in the History-Timeline page has a separate document chronicled with case studies and manuals as records and testimony for our arrival into the education sector.