Starting the Survey.

Ms.Vidya Shankar, visits to various homes & orphanages (including Juvenile Homes).


Started a Transit Home.

Started a Transit Home for children in Thoraipakkam Start of Sindhanai - Annual NGO Networking Event Pre-adoptive Counselling for aspiring parents


Juvenile Justice.

Entry into Juvenile Justice System


Counselling support.

Ms.Vidya Shankar as Chairperson of Juvenile Welfare Board Counselling support for Juvenile Home Children


Introduced Vocational Programmes.

Ms.Vidya Shankar becomes a Member of Juvenile Justice Board
  • Training Juvenile Functionaries and Allied Service Providers
  • Co-management of Juvenile Homes with Government
  • Co-management of Balwadis
  • Started to work in raising standards of teaching & learning Balwadis and Schools
  • Placed volunteers in Homes & Schools
  • Introduced Vocational Programmes in Juvenile Homes
  • Introduced Mentoring Programmes for boys & girls in Juvenile Homes


Government and NGOs.

  • Training Balwadi Assistants in Montessori Approach with resource persons. Volunteers and staff were placed in 4 centres in and around Thiruvanmiyur.
  • Running Community Tuition Centres
  • Running Helpline for Educational Sponsorship Executed through Shriram Foundation (Formerly Shriram Social Welfare Trust)
  • Outreach Programmes in partner Schools to improve Standard of Education
  • Interaction with Parents
  • Teacher Assessments in partner Schools
  • Started to work with Shriram Foundation Schools


Children Home Project.

  • Working with Government and NGOs on Quality Institution Care for children in Homes/Orphanages
  • Started Managing Shriram Foundation's Children's Home Project
  • Merger of Transit Home with Shriram's Ashram Children Home
  • Parenting Programmes for parents in Shriram Schools
  • Started Running Bridge Courses for children in Juvenile Homes


Relief Work & Counselling.

  • Breakfast Scheme in schools in partnership with Ashram of Shriram Foundation
  • Tsunami Relief Work in Affected villages
  • Launched Model School Project using Montessori Method in Pre-primary classes in partner schools
  • Started Counselling in Government Vigilance Home for rescued girls and women


Foster Care & Adoption.

  • Ms.Vidya Shankar appointed as a Students' counsellor at Anna University
  • Started to participate in Doordharsan Podhigai programme on Foster Care & Adoption
  • Starting Industrial Training Programme for Women and Girls in Juvenile Homes
  • Relief Foundation gets nominated as a member of State Planning Commission focussing on Women and Children



  • Feasibility Study of starting a micro-school in Vichur, Thiruvallur District.
  • First Micro School started in Vichur.
  • Classrooms were built for children for Wayanad Tribal School at the cost of nearly 50 lakhs with most of the funds coming from CAREducation Trust UK
Infrastructure improvement in Juvenile homes to the tune of 1.5 crores invested between 2001 to 2007


Leadership Training Programme.

  • Started Montessori programme in VSR Montessori School, Reddivaripalle
  • Started Montessori Resource Centre for Children in Thoraipakkam. Children from Shriram Schools started using them
  • Designed and started a bridge course for teachers who took AMI Diploma. Sent 3 teachers from our partner school for AMI International Diploma with support from Shriram Foundation


Community College.

  • Designed & conducted Leadership Training Programme for Principals & School Heads
  • Started to coordinate courses in Shriram IGNOU Community College, a first of its kind, in association with IGNOU
  • Started a course on Sports Education, a unique course for School Teachers with support from RF volunteer Jana Conrad from Germany


Village training programmes.

  • Conceived and set up a Montessori Resource Centre in one of our partner schools with support from Cognizant Foundation,
  • Vidya Shankar completes training as an AMI Elem Directress.
  • Cascade became an Elementary Montessori classroom in addition to catering to 3-12 years old children


Fellowship Programmes.

  • Started offering training programmes for GiveLife Tuition Teachers from centres run in various villages
  • Started Teaching Fellowship Programmes through an initiative called The Teachers Lab, wherein resource persons for a variety of courses including academic and co-curricular courses were offered to aspiring rural teacher candidates as a Fellowship model.


Montessori rural schools .

  • Conducted the first training course for orientation and practices on Montessori philosophy for a small group of rural teachers.


Leadership program for rural school.

  • Established elaborate recruitment processes with screening, interviews for candidates to get trained and certified as Montessori teachers to enter rural schools. Conducted pre and post course sessions with resource persons, that aided a better understanding for the candidates
  • Conceived the school leadership program for rural school leaders and completed one batch of successfully trained school leaders who were placed in rural schools.


Established a vibrant model of learning.

  • Moved out from Shriram Foundation completely and established a vibrant model of learning in CASCADE Montessori resource centre for parents, educators, and families in a cooperative learning model. Children showing immense benefit from this cooperative, fear free model offering unlimited learning opportunities.
  • Laid the foundation stone for first Relief Foundation Montessori Rural Resource Centre in Jamnamarathur in Javvadhu Hills, Thiruvannamalai District for tribal population