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Transforming education through dialogue

Founded in 1998, Relief Foundation was set up with the aim to prevent the exploitation of children. We provided counseling and direct support for affected children and sought to bring a greater degree of humanity to the juvenile justice system in Tamil Nadu.

The insights gathered during the years have all pointed to the need for safe, accessible, and engaging learning spaces for children.

Today, our small team of educationists, corporate professionals and activists bring their unique experiences towards the one common agenda of improving the future of our children's education.

We believe that

  • Safe schools; caring relationships; challenging experiences; opportunities for voice, choice and contribution promote positive student development
  • We can empower teachers to be facilitators of knowledge and more; that they can also be encouraging and nurturing adults in children's lives
  • Strengthening communities is at the heart of making children feel safe
  • You can participate in definite ways to create educational environments that are relevant to the needs of a child

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